Business Process Outsourcing

At D 11 Technology, Business Process is a business management strategy practice, which focuses on  the analysis  and design  of workflows  and processes  within  an   organization  based  on  standard  frameworks.

D 11 Technology assists organizations to fundamentally rethink how they do their work in order to improve  customer service, cut operational costs, and become world-class competitors there by assisting companies to  radically restructure their organizations by focusing on the ground’s-up design of their business processes using  standard frameworks applied specifically for specific industry. D 11 Technology business process practice also  understands the business process redesign, business transformation, or business process change management.

D 11 Business Process Practice includes:

ISO 9001, ISO 20000, ISO 270001, ISO 22301and CMMi® Consulting Services and Implementation.

  • Consulting and Implementation of TL 9000® standard.
  • Business Process Engineering (BPR) Consulting
  • Business Intelligence and Process Analysis Consulting.
  • Information Security Management Services.
  • Six Sigma for Continuous Process Improvement Services.
  • GRC (Governance, Risk, Compliance) Services using COBIT 5 framework
  • Resource Augmentation & Recruitment Services.

At D 11 Technology we assist you To Define, Streamline and Automate your Business Process. We have  done many of above implementations and have satisfied client base.

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