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Most organizations are set up in an ad-hoc manner. The initial business plan is established with a view to cater to the business that is the source of the establishment and then as the organization starts operating the business, the required processes are developed and deployed as per the then requirements. This keeps on happening and at a certain point in time, the management realizes that the organization’s processes are no more talking to each other and there is a need to optimize these processes so that the growth of the organization is sustained with these standardized and optimized processes.

D 11 Technology’s BPR service works on this layer and helps the management of the customer organization to standardize and optimize the process areas in the scope of the engagement. The processes from the scoped process areas are identified and mapped on an as-is basis and then a comprehensive review is undertaken for finding out possible approaches to standardize and optimize these processes. Various possible solutions and combinations are developed to standardize and optimize the processes. Our consultants propose these solutions to the management of our customer organization so that the most appropriate solutions can be selected. The selected solutions are then documented from a user perspective so that the deployment and operation become easier for the employees of the customer organization. The solutions are then deployed by the teams formulated by the management of the customer organization. Our consultants train and hand-hold these teams to deploy the solutions. Once the solutions are deployed, our auditors review and evaluate the deployment to assess if the deployment meets the intended objective. This is repeated until the deployment is done to a satisfactory level. Finally, validation is conducted jointly by the management of our customer organization, and our team and the new system gets certified.


The benefits that an organization may get out of our BPR service are mostly based on the management’s intentions of selecting this service. However, the following examples provide some direction about what the BPR can give the organizations in terms of its benefits –

  • Improved performance – The real focus of our BPR service is to improve the performance of the customer organization by way of standardizing and optimizing processes in the selected area. The customer organization experiences performance improvement upon the realization of our service objectives. These improvements can be in operational or financial performances as per the area selected.
  • Institutionalization of best practices – Our deployment approach is engineered to ensure the deep integration of the standardized and optimized processes. These processes are built with our knowledge and experience of the best practices followed in other organizations globally. As a result, the customer organization witnesses sustained benefits of the institutionalized best practices from the industry.
  • Enhanced employee satisfaction – During the development of the solutions, we consider the challenges faced by the employees of our customer organization in operating the processes. The re-engineered processes ensure that these challenges are taken care of thereby achieving the satisfaction of the employees who operate the re-engineered processes.
  • Better technology adaptation – Our consultants are well acquainted with the use of most current technologies used in other organizations globally. This knowledge is used while optimizing the processes. We provide solutions that consider the use of the most affordable and efficient tools and technologies that are available to the organization thereby delivering the value of the technologies within the re-engineered processes.
  • Benefits beyond re-engineered processes – While we optimize the processes within the scope of our engagement, we also touch upon other processes that are linked or related to the process being re-engineered. In turn, few other processes beyond our scope also get optimized. This is the rippling effect of our BPR service.
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