Pre Sales Engineer


The Pre-Sales Engineer (PSE) supports sales productivity and deal flow by securing the “technical close” in complex solutions. The PSE collaborates with sales, service, engineering, and technical support resources to ensure proposed deals include technical solutions that accurately address customer needs, are appropriately supported by key customer technical decision-makers. The PSE is responsible for achieving a profit and productivity quota made up of the combined expectations of the sales resources, market, and/or channel supported. Reporting to the Sales Engineering Director, the PSE reports on a dotted line to the sales manager or business line manager responsible for the sales team supported.


• Works deals assigned to the sales team supported, prioritizing effort based on maximizing total impact on team productivity and profit, or as directed by the sales manager.

• Proactively scopes the technical solution required to address customer requirements, assesses customers met and unmet needs, and recommends solutions that optimize value for both the customer and the firm.

• Secures input from all necessary solution stakeholders within the customer firm. Adapts solutions, as necessary, to ensure appropriate support.

• Coordinates closely with internal sales, sales support, and service resources to align solution design with customers’ business requirements.

• Secures from customer technical staff commitments needed to ensure a deal’s “technical close.”

• Meets assigned targets for profitable sales growth in assigned product lines, market areas, channel, or teams supported.

• Provides coaching and professional development to teammember sales associates in order to enhance their product knowledge, technical acumen, and technical sales skills.

• Monitors customer support for technical solutions proposed throughout the sales process and alerts the sales and account teams to potential risks of deal closure. ACCOUNTABILITIES AND PERFORMANCE MEASURES

• Maintains deal through-put in early deal-sales process steps.

• Achieves product growth targets for the assigned geography, channel, sales team, or account base.

• Maintains high customer satisfaction ratings that meet company standards.

• Completes required training and development objectives within the assigned time frame.

Mandatory skills

Technical knowledge in ERP, CRM, data analytics, proposal/commercials/contracts management, client engagement, handling bids from the procurement of RFP till the completion of Order.


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