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Request a demo to automate and modernize your work of the law practice office. We will help you transform the traditional paper-based case filing to automation of the entire case lifecycle from initial briefing to final billing and closure. We will reduce your case backlogs and helps you handle more cases in less time.

Our Products

D11's ERP for enterprise businesses would help you gain total control over all business activities. These are the best enterprise applications in UAE and are equipped with tools to assist you in managing your business data, gain insights that aid in improving the overall operations and thus clear a pathway towards success.

D11 Accounting

Accounting Management

The accounting management module include billing management, asset and depreciation management, tax management, invoice management, financial analytics reports, currency management, etc. 
User benefit: 
Increase productivity and easy report generation. 
business benefit: 
micro-manage every financial activity including accounts receivable, accounts payable, bank balances, etc. 

D11 eLaw

Computer Science

Accounting Management 
is an intuitive, Law Practice Management Solution, that
automates and modernizes the work of the law practice office. It
helps transform from the traditional paper-based case filing to
automation of the entire case lifecycle from initial briefing to final
billing and closure. It reduces case backlogs and enables handling
more cases in less time.
Our software is a fully featured solution developed to specifically
cater for law firms to allow them to manage their day-to-day
activities smartly and efficiently, providing an integrated and
complete management system to assist law firms simplify their
operations, increase productivity and; thus, grow their business


D11 Sales

Sales Management 

The features include lead and customer data management, sales
cycle management, email scheduling, quotation and invoice
generation, and in-depth sales reporting. 

User benefits: 
Tracking and schedule leads, customers, calls, meeting. 
Business benefits:  
Enhance productivity and profits. 

D11 Inventory Mangement

An ERP offers inventory management as an integral feature. It stores details of your entire inventory, including the individual product details. This ensures exactly what is present in the inventory and which items are going to run out of stock. 
ERP also has the ability to make demand forecasts. Analyzing past trends and customer habits, it can be forecasted if the future demand would rise or fall. It gives you an edge by allowing you to modify your inventory accordingly for meeting the demand 
User benefit: 
allows the user to trace the product movements within the company and out while shipping them to the customer.  
Business benefit: 
Increase performance and process time 


Point of Sale 
ERP tools now come integrated with the POS machines which is a big reason behind real-time data. ERP takes the advantage of POS machines one step further. All transactional data is reflected immediately not just in the retail outlets, but in the central ERP tool too. 
User benefits: 
It automatically feeds the transaction details into the system. It eliminates the need for extra effort and the scope of human errors 
Business benefits:  
Full integrated with inventory and procurement.

D11 Ecommerce

Retail business owners have an opportunity to increase their sales by allowing their products to be chosen by a customer on their smartphones and tablets and giving them, the convenience of shopping on the move according to channels of customer preference. Retailers can start their online business immediately and accept credit card payments online. Ecommerce has taken the growth of the business to another level of development. 
User benefits: 
 Simplicity and comfort, save time and money, provide complete information.
Business benefits: 
Make business profitable by analysis correct sales and inventory level. Inventory and sales can easily be maintained via automatic stock adjustments and reporting. 

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