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Why D 11 Technologies?

Recognized Market Leader

SAP, analysts, and clients recognize us as a Market Leader. We have an SAP practice that is deep in experience and have a proven track record of progress. We have delivered many successful on time, on budget implementations with referenceable customers for SAP. We have maintained close relationships with our clients and have done many follow on projects after large implementations.

Tested Approach and Methodology

We have shown how we will use our methodologies, tools and accelerators to guide your project. D 11 Technologies and our clients have used these tools on many projects and many of our clients continue to use tools from the methodology on subsequent projects.

Great Working Relationship with SAP

Our relationship with SAP allows us to access all parts of their organization at the right time to deliver a high-quality solution on time and on budget. We have been recognized in numerous areas by SAP as a “go-to partner” for thought leadership and implementation excellence.

Organizational Change Excellence

D 11 Technologies has a robust and well-established organizational change methodology that is a cornerstone of our service offerings. Our approach to change is one of integration into the project team. It is essential that our change consultants become extremely familiar with the design being developed and the business it will be deployed into, know each of the stakeholders and end-user groups and their specific needs, and evaluate the readiness of each of the groups to absorb the proposed changes.

With in-depth knowledge of these three areas, our team can develop a change and training plan that is tailored to each audience’s particular needs. We advocate spending time in the field with your stakeholder and end-user groups to immerse them in knowledge about how the project is progressing and the changes they should expect. Each of our consultants (regardless of discipline) is fundamentally grounded in organizational change principles.

Our Passion for Understanding Your Business

Throughout this document, we will demonstrate our knowledge of your business, the drivers behind this initiative, and the issues we know you have ahead of you. Though only working together for a short time, we have already learned a lot about your business. Our people thrive on getting to know a client’s business and bringing our experience to bear in a collaborative way that grants you your specialization and shares ours. We will not pretend to have all the answers in the rest of this document but hope to demonstrate how we think through an issue or an approach so that you can better evaluate our style of consulting.

We Team with Our Clients

D 11 Technologies’ core value of working with you in delivering solutions parallels the Client’s goal to assemble a joint team to complement and support your resources, rather than dictating the answers to you. We help unify your team of talented resources and facilitate their progress. By working closely together, we are able to share knowledge of solutions and leading practices with your employees.

SAP Service offerings

Going beyond our experience in SAP products, D 11 Technologies brings our clients innovative solutions and delivery models. Our solutions and implementation methodologies are built on D 11 Technologies’ deep industry experience and leading practices, and our extensive capabilities in systems design, deployment, and support. D 11 Technologies has preconfigured industry-specific solutions, for industries including Retail, Consumer Products, Wholesale Distribution, and Energy Services, as well as HCM EDGE, our -internationally recognized proprietary HCM pre-configured solution that can be deployed across industries and countries, for large and small clients.

Our capabilities around cloud-based solutions, mobility, analytics, and procurement are unique in the market, as is OnePath, D 11 Technologies SAP Business Suite “as a service.” Our Rightshore® capability and Distributed Delivery Framework allow our clients to leverage SAP practitioners in more than 2 delivery centers around (Mumbai and Gurgaon) the world to deliver cost-effective solutions.

Our strategic partnership with SAP extends beyond an alliance and enables the leading SAP partners and resources in the world to maintain solutions – efficiently and optimally for our clients.

SAP Method Overview

D 11 Technologies has developed a Technical Implementation approach based on the industry-standard methodology Accelerated SAP called SAP (Industrialised SAP). SAP takes the value that Accelerated SAP offers and adds extensions in a number of key areas.

Key enhancements to ASAP in SAP:

  • Recognition that Testing is a distinct project phase (Integration Testing), separate and apart from Realisation “build”
  • Early involvement of the Technical Development team, in terms of the definition of development requirements during Business Blueprint
  • Solution Manager has driven business scenario approach to process documentation
  • Lifecycle Data Management integrated throughout the project
  • Project management activities and deliverables in D 11 Technologies’ Unified Program Methodology (UPM) based on both a combined PMBOK and CMMi approach augmented with LEAN visual management approaches
  • Template-based Business Process Models; and
  • Additional templates to standardize work

SAP Design by Exception and Business Process hierarchy

GYR Technologies has developed an approach that delivers the best from the SAP solution for local government, focusing on the ERP components which deliver the most benefits in the shortest timescales.

The starting point for the business process analysis and design is our standard ATLAS Local Government template solution. Our experience has been crystallized into the D 11 Technologies Local Government Template, which has been developed using our experience from recent SAP implementations with Gloucestershire, Surrey, Dorset, Derbyshire, and West Sussex County Councils.

GYR Technologies has commissioned its own ATLAS project to consolidate and harmonize the key elements of our local government SAP experience, maintaining a complete set of business process flow diagrams, processes, and procedures for the optimum local government SAP solution. This solution has also been set up and configured on D 11 Technologies’ own demonstration system so that it is available to be used as the basis of any future local authority SAP projects. This provides a well-developed set of processes, roles, and workflow framework.

You will have specific requirements at both corporate and individual services levels that will need to be addressed, and while for some of these will use the standard solution, for others there will need to be some specific, tailored design. D 11 Technologies, therefore, proposes the following approach:

  • You will establish a ‘design authority’ which will oversee the design architecture from the business perspective, manage a governance process to approve all changes and developments, and work with the D 11 Technologies design team and client design resources to build the process and workflow requirements
  • A review of all current processes, systems (manual or otherwise), with the express aim of understanding what existing processes will be replaced using the new standard solution and what needs to remain and be interfaced, integrated, or otherwise accommodated to provide an end-to-end solution

Together with your project and services teams, we will conduct a series of design workshops focused on how the implementation of new, standard processes may require changes to any remaining external processes. Together we will also design the processes, workflows, and configurations that are required, using the standard solution except where a clear business case can be made to approve a deviation from the standard solution. This creates the process and workflow blueprint based strongly on the standard solution and also incorporating in the design those processes that sit outside the standard solution.

“Design by Exception” (DBE) is one of the key pillars of SAP methodology with the core objective to minimize redundant efforts in designing the solution. Design by Exception considers the business exceptions specific to your industry and how to deliver these with minimum efforts whilst adopting wherever possible the standard functionality provided by SAP. Each exception needs to be justified with a clear alignment with the overall business case of the solution.

D 11 Technologies has successfully adopted DbE as a natural component of the SAP Method. This focuses on end-end business processes not limiting to the scope of software modules. Implementing business process models supported by the Solution Manager and standardizing functional design documents to reflect the DbE method is an integral part of the process.

SAP Roadmap and Enhancement

Given D 11 Technologies’ extensive INDIA SAP Practice with over 102 experienced SAP consultants, many with Security clearance, coupled with an excellent relationship with SAP, we are ideally positioned to provide senior SAP Programme managers, and Solution Architecture consultancy services to design your SAP Roadmap that meets SAP ever-evolving portfolio of products. Also SAP Senior subject Matter (SME’s) can be provided to deliver consultancy on enhancements to the existing of new functionality inherent in a functionally very rich ERP solution such as SAP.

SAP Training & Enablement

D 11 Technologies has a dedicated team of SAP Trainers, able to provide Train the trainer consultancy services, as well as delivery of SAP training, whether in a classroom lead environment, remotely, or CBT. We are able to leverage SAP training resources from the INDIA, as well as EMEA, and our Rightshore® delivery centers, with these resources able to provide the training material development or training itself remotely or on-site.

SAP Enablement is a key aspect to the adoption of any new SAP functionality, upgrades, etc. We have many years of experience if providing consultancy lead SAP Enablement services, from our INDIA based experienced SAP Change management team.

SAP Centres of Excellence

D 11 Technologies has an extensive and growing network of Global Centres of Excellence (CoE) covering a wide range of technologies, industries, and skills. With respect to the SAP solutions, our key CoE is our general SAP CoE with some 13,500 plus SAP staff covering a wide range of skills, competencies, specializations, and experience.

In addition, we have CoE’s for the following which encompasses SAP skills:

CHROME – CHROME is D 11 Technologies’ Centre for Manufacturing Excellence, with a dedicated solution lab located in Mumbai India. The CHROME CoE develops industry-specific leading practice solutions and enablers that can accelerate project execution for our customers. CHROME benchmarks and industrializes leading practices that cultivate deep domain experience within our 16,000 practitioners servicing manufacturing clients globally.

CHROME for SAP solution from D 11 Technologies offers a pre-configured hosted instance. Based on our experience this can help the client to reduce the project timeline up to 20%. We will have a pre-configured instance based on leading practices at the beginning of the design phase.

CRESCENT – provides CP&R-related support across various streams of activity:

As part of Delivery Support, CRESCENT enables delivery teams with industry best practices, template solutions, and delivery accelerators. It also participates in business analysis, fit-gap studies, and business process mapping, the COE can execute a complete cycle for a proof of concept.

Capability Development, CRESCENT constantly enriches its offerings with a domain- and industry-specific solutions and imparts training on them. Across all these streams, CRESCENT helps to maximize results from effort and to minimize risk for all our CP&R engagements.

SAP Consultancy

D 11 Technologies is able to provide SAP Consultancy lead services, across almost all SAP modules and functionality, not only the traditional ERP modules but the new cloud-based solutions such as Success Factors and Ariba, HANA in-memory solutions, as well as SAP UI design and implementation.

With over 13,500 SAP Consultants Globally, 4,400 in EMEA, and 102 in the INDIA alone, across a wide range of seniority and experience levels we are able to provide an extremely comprehensive SAP consultancy rate card.

2 Benefits

D 11 Technologies understands the opportunities and challenges of SAP solutions, our extensive experience across many industries, solutions, and elements of the SAP stack have given us a unique insight into those areas which help to deliver real and tangible benefits to our clients.

Our SAP solutions can help deliver:

(i) Reduction of business costs and improvements in efficiency through standard, best practice processes and templates such as SAP and ATLAS

(ii) Replace, improve and extend current functionality using industry best practices, delivering value to the business and maximizing value for money

(iii) Improve management information reporting to drive group-wide savings and spend analysis

(iv) Reduced TCO: By using D 11 Technologies’ Application Management Service Centre’s (AMSC’s) and Infrastructure Management Service Centre’s (IMSC’s) processes, best practices including Rightshoring®, tools, shared resources, and scalable infrastructure

(v) Direct Access to SAP Competence: Experienced and competent SAP support teams

(vi) Clear and measurable results: Through structured standard approach and contracts (SLA, etc.) and high level of commitment to the customer by D 11 Technologies

(vii) Strong Alliances: Enabling technology innovations through D 11 Technologies’ ecosystem and the existing numerous SAP partnerships in place

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